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Geraldo Zamproni: Brazilian Artist

With specialized works in urban installations and interventions, he has already shown his work in Brasilia (BRA), New York (USA), Sydney (AUS), Granada (ESP), Rome (ITA), among other places.





Born in upstate Paraná, Geraldo Zamproni currently works in his studio in Curitiba, where he lives. Although he graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, from the State University of Londrina (UEL), his proficiency in art came to him naturally. For two decades he has been exploring the different relationships between space, nature, and man, as well as trying to perfect the aesthetic and plastic qualities of industrial materials–such as plastic, iron, and foam, which are present from his very first works–, and are certainly a reflection of his history and the legacy of his time lived in the school of architecture.

The observer’s visual bestrangement and the change in perspective regarding space are the main intentions behind Zamproni~s works, and he does it by reinventing the relationships between object, environment, and observer; thus, using materials and the space in his favor.

This instability that is produced by his work creates a new dialog between the work and its observer which is supported by the references inscribed within the work: the everyday elements that have their scale, usage, and habitat dislocated. By rearranging these elements in an unexpected place, a new, unique, and instigating architecture is born.

Many are the artworks by Zamproni that force the observer to take a closer look at the work and perceive the humor behind his proposition made with such thought-provoking and aesthetic wealth. It is worth mentioning: Entre Sem Bater (2006), Estruturas Brincantes (2012/13), Estrutura Volátil (2012 – 2014), Sustentabilidade (2015), Seres Domésticos (2020), among others.

Zamproni does not have a rigid creative process; he starts from the demands of the projects. His work is all handmade, forcing him to explore in depth all of the properties and possibilities of each material he uses. His studio is a space of neverending experimentation, and Zamproni manages to see beyond what the material seems to be to what it could be. There is no limit to Zamproni, for him, the future looks just like a horizon of possibilities.

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