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By: Kraw Feathers.

For Zamproni, an artwork is meaningless if the viewer is not surprised by what he is seeing. Something is always out of scale, enclosed in a strange shape, present in an unexpected space. However, this parallel environment that he has created is only bestranged because of our real one.

It is easy to see in his works a small part of everyday life, something that has a clear visual appeal to our imagination and synesthetically awakens compartments of memory and senses. In “About Those”, the large red pillows, even if far from a homely atmosphere, are inviting to touch, to squeeze.

Moreover, the everyday elements appropriated by the artist come to compose a language: coded symbols that act on our expectations. What should be inside, comforting and accommodating, comes out and creates a body to fill the space; what is structural becomes apparent, leaving the ground to gain air. By simulating and combining these elements and distorting the expectation that fits them to the real world, this language works to create new relationships between the work and the environment. With this, the spectator is invited to perceive new possible constructions from objects that he has always seen, but never in this way.

Renan Archer

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