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Refuge l "Refuge"

Project registered at the Lanzarote Art Festival (Lacuna Festivals 2020) (Spain)

site-specific intervention

20 x 20 cm Ø; 20 x 30 cm Ø; 10 x 40 cm Ø.

Glass spheres over landscape.

Note: the Lanzarote Art Festival, initially released for physical realization, migrated to the digital environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the work was inserted into a virtual gallery of the event.

The Journey of Loss

"The idea of losing something, especially when it is something valuable to us, is like fuel for the imagination. Just recognizing that it is not where we expected it to be, our mind starts to walk down a corridor of possibilities, filled with images that seek to tell us where what we need is, where we should look, and how we are going to find it. Our mood changes, expectations grow and we begin to desire more and more the long-awaited surprise of finding what we need, wherever it may be. Kind of a “universal language” of the feeling of material loss.

However, there is another aspect to the experience of loss; another voice that may be within the same story. For every loss, there is at least the possibility of a meeting. Sometimes for something that is lost, the finding is all there is. And when this happens to us, when our eyes confront a foreign body that simply decides to appear in front of us, the surprise of this encounter can also make our mind wander through a great corridor of possibilities, which makes us wonder what is it that we see, anyway? Where it comes from, and how it got there.

Geraldo Zamproni's proposal for this Lacuna Festival seeks precisely to place the public within this experience. The work tries to make the public play with the concept of “lost and found”, while the audience explores a fragmented work and the wide environment in which it is inserted. To do this, he proposes an intervention in the idyllic landscapes of the islands Lanzarote or Fuerteventura, inserting along the coast, on the sands and rocks, various objects that do not belong to those places. These objects chosen by the artist are not banal everyday items, but they are unusual and, in the context of the local landscape, even mysterious: they are dozens of glass spheres of different diameters, which will be “spread out” in an almost unpretentious way. – but quite calculated. The intervention of these objects in the landscape takes into account the intended effect on the public, which is the most spontaneous surprise. This effect, in fact, is sought both through the installation of the work and through the objects that compose it, as the artist considered precisely the need to confront the public with elements that were intriguing, and strange in that place. In this way, glass spheres are thought of as objects that, due to their uniqueness, may well seem to have been lost there, and are waiting to be found.

With that in mind, the artist seeks to offer a playful experience, putting the public to discover and find objects that were “lost” on purpose. Thus, the work stimulates the imagination of visitors, making them think: “what else is hidden in this landscape?”, or rather, “what else was lost around here?”.

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