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Condensation Series (I and II)

Varied dimensions;  

Sculptures with fiberglass, nylon, polyurethane, acrylic resin;


Work selected for the "Future Now 100 Anthology" catalog by Aesthetica Magazine (England).


One way of seeing Zamproni's works is to see them as an interpretation of the phenomena of the world: visions, images and readings translated through his particular – sometimes abstract – language. The “Condensation” series tries to penetrate the opposites of visual language, the conflicts between materials and their possible manipulations, and the contrasts between textures, substances, and physical states. The result is like a metaphysical allegory of the manufactured world.

Confronting colors, materials, lines, and shapes, the artist takes the opportunity to explore industrial materials through an almost artisanal approach. Ambitious in his research, the artist, however, does not want to offer any conclusion to his exploration: he only suggests an interpretation of junctions and effects, balancing contradictions to create his own harmony.

Renan Archer

2019-08-30 09.19.29.jpg
Zamproni_01 (1).jpg
2019-08-30 08.59.31 HDR (1).jpg
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