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The rigid and opaque fiberglass structures, idealized to be dangled from vines off of trees and remain loose on the ground of the rainforest, are the realization of a long process of manipulation of materials and displacements done in the hope of an experience that is, literally, universal. 

These hardened and rough shells simulate a presence of a spacial element, of a great rock that has followed a path of stars and planets, finding its landing in the middle of the forest. 

To invoke the existence of asteroids and to speak of its journeys throughout the infinity of space calls to mind the origins of things of extreme familiarity to us, like the Moon itself, our own satellite born from the collision between celestial bodies in the beginnings of the history of the Earth. 

However, the conception of the solid bodies that create Event of Impact is far from being such a “natural” process as a meteor crash, and not by accident.

In the creation of this piece, first, we went through the process of creating a positive, made from a plastic skeleton, fabric, and adhesives for its hardness. Fiberglass layers wrapping this structure conceived the first element and, from then on, it was possible to obtain several nearly identical structures, through a process that seeks the multiple. 

The consistency of these elements is far from the true resistance of the minerals such as iron and nickel, which constitute meteors and meteorites. However, here there can be seen references to a phenomenon in common: the Event of Impact, or rather, the meeting of asteroids and similar celestial bodies with Earth. 

At this point, we must highlight a contrast that is almost complementary, and also the core of this project. The clash between the manual manipulation of elements and the universal traveling of the matter. This combination of concepts is part of the writing of a narrative proposed by each of the pieces identified in this work. It is like searching for an unreachable experience, to explore an uninhabitable environment in unknown ways. It is trying to bring to existence in the innocence of nature an element that is the pure result of human inventiveness. 

At the same time, it is a trip that involves not only displacements between bodies. The artist leaves his habitat, with the object, flies over a new place, and lands in nature where she will receive them both. The rigid and opaque object guides us through a discussion about history, matters, and eternity. It talks about the physical possibilities through intellectual means, and vice versa, referencing a phenomenon as old as time. 

Event of Impact is an artistic project that seeks to materialize discussions on displacements, explore materials, the impact of human action, and man's ancestry itself.

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