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more than it seems

Site-specific installation;

PVC and polystyrene;

Varied dimensions;

Sculpture By The Sea - Bondi - Sydney (AUS);





"More than it seems"  is a playful and somewhat ironic metaphor for how we sometimes fail to design (for) our future. By intervening in a specific point of the landscape and transforming its characteristics, it produces a reference that is universal and punctual at the same time.

The big red pencil may seem like a trivial result, but it also seeks to bring to mind a familiar element in the world's imagination: the need for correction. Millennia before us, Egyptian artisans instituted materials that corrected, through colored scratches, errors in the contours they drew on their ancient sacred walls. Today, many say these correctors were red, and that the famous pencil already existed.

As an architect by training, it is impossible for the artist not to recognize this famous use in such an ordinary object. By metaphorically removing the real from scale, the artist does not want to deceive the eyes but tries to remind us of what the presence of this symbol represents. What role does the need to maintain the ideal – whatever it may be – play in our actions? How do our modern and post-industrial eyes face the window of the world?

Renan Archer

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