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Series Volatil Structure (2011-2022)

The great cushions that compose the series of interventions Volatile Structure have been seen worldwide. From Curitiba — through Spain, Australia, Denmark, and New York — to most recently Paris, the world has been privy to the purposeful tension that Zamproni has orchestrated since 2012 with his colored inflatables extrapolating within the constructed environment.

By using a familiar and everyday object to captivate the observer's gaze, he evokes a feeling of intimacy to draw in said gaze. This seemingly banal object, the pillow, is inserted in the landscape in such a way to create the impression that it is the sole responsible to sustain the rigidness of the architecture that surrounds it. The juxtaposition between the elements creates the tension and the paradox: how could such soft and delicate elements support such rigid structures? It is by letting go of all restraints that one can truly appreciate the artist’s game; his goal is to propose a reflection on the paradigms of the fragility of what seems to be sustaining everything and how rigid everything is.

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